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Nature is invaluable – supporting all life on earth, providing our food and clean water, mitigating the impacts of climate change and regulating the environments we live in. But nature is under severe pressure globally. Rangers act as our planetary frontline workers, protecting our natural and cultural heritage for the benefit of everyone.

The Universal Ranger Support Alliance (URSA) was launched in July 2020 as a coalition of conservation organisations supporting and promoting the International Ranger Federation to build a network of well-supported, professional, and capable rangers, who can act effectively as custodians of the natural world. We help them advocate for the creation of inclusive and effective teams at the forefront of protecting nature, people, and the planet. Our time-bound support prioritises recognition, resources and representation for rangers around the world.


By 2025, there is a global enabling environment providing a unified voice for rangers and standards for capacity, employment, equality and conduct to build a demonstrably professional, accountable and competent ranger workforce, whose contributions are formally recognized and respected.

Achieving it will require many like-minded actors to pull together at a global scale to support rangers to perform their critical roles. URSA is inviting partners to join the Alliance and support rangers.

“We are clear about the responsibility we have, which is to protect our natural and cultural heritage.”

“I feel proud to be a forest guard and I am fortunate enough to carry out this prestigious responsibility for future generations.”

“All conservation efforts will amount to very little without a well-led, well-supported, skilled, resourced, dedicated and motivated ranger force.”

Our Members, Partners and Supporters

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