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Ursa Ranger Competence Arabic 1
Coc Guidelines Pt
Coc Guidelines Swahili
Coc Arabic
Ursa Ap Fr
Ursa Action Plan Final Esp 1
Coc Report Virtual Workshops Revised Rsld 1
Ranger Perception Latin America Final Eng 13 Sep 1

Ranger perceptions – Latin America

Ranger Perception Africa Final 1 1

Ranger perceptions – Africa

Ranger Perception Survey Asia 1

Ranger perception survey – Asia

Wwf Rangers Survey Report 2019 1

Life on the frontline 2019 – A global survey of the working conditions of rangers

Wwf Rangers Survey Report 2019 In Esp Spread 1

Life on the frontline 2019 – A global survey of the working conditions of rangers (Spanish)

Singh Et Al10.2305 .2021.parks 27 Sirs.en 1 1

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on rangers and the role of rangers as a planetary health service

Parker Et Al 10.2305 .2022.parks 21 1bp.en 1

Short communication: governance type bias in global ranger survey: implications for relevance and analogous future work

Galliers Et Al 10.2305 .2022.parks 28 1cg.en 1

Conservation casualties: an analysis of on-duty ranger fatalities (2006–2021)

Fcosc 03 851704 1

Exploring the perceptions and experiences of local versus non-local rangers: insights from across 11 countries

S41893 022 00970 0 1

Protected area personnel and ranger numbers are insufficient to deliver global expectations

Malayalam Ranger Coc Guidelines 7 1
Coc Asia Workshop
Coc Malayalam1
Hindi Ranger Coc Guidelines 7 1
Gedragscode Updated
Ranger Code Of Conduct Version 1.0 Chinese Simp 2 1
Coc Guidelines Chinese
Ranger Code Of Conduct Version Nepali 1
Coc Guidelines Es
Coc Guidelines Fr
Coc Guidelines
How Should Conservation Be Professionalized 1

How should conservation be professionalized?

Conservation For All By All Making Conservation Effective And Equitable 1

Conservation for all, by all: making conservation effective and equitable .2021.parks 27 2slp.en Prakash Et Al 1

Defenders of wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka: a cautionary note for the future of rangers

Code Of Conduct – Urdu
Ranger Code Of Conduct Assamese Revised 1
Ursa Action Plan Russian
Code Of Conduct – French
Rangers Insurance

Are rangers adequately protected by insurance schemes?

Singh Et Al 10.2305 .2020.parks 26 1rs.en 1

What do rangers feel?

Occupational Motivation And Intergenerational Linkages Of Rangers In Asia 2

Occupational motivation and intergenerational linkages of rangers in Asia

Escholarship Uc Item 6b95b6js 2

Role of ranger associations in strengthening ranger workforce

Escholarship Uc Item 6k01x8g6 2

Where are the women? Towards gender equality in the ranger workforce

Escholarship Uc Item 96t756tc 2

Empowering rangers through technology and innovation

Escholarship Uc Item 1s98k0sf 2

Employment conditions of public sector rangers: A major underaddressed problem

Code Of Conduct Malay
Escholarship Uc Item 2wv426h3 2

What will it take to professionalize rangers?

Escholarship Uc Item 5gd395jh 2

Building healthy relationships between rangers and communities in and around protected areas

Escholarship Uc Item 2qk600jd 2

Shaping a global strategy for building capacity and performance of rangers in an around protected areas

Escholarship Uc Item 9mc777pm 2

The vital role of rangers in conservation

Code Of Conduct Spanish
Code Of Conduct Portuguese
Code Of Conduct English
Ursa Charter 1
Ursa Action Plan Spanish
Ursa Action Plan Final Portuguese 1
Ursa Action Plan English Updated 2 1
Chitwan Declaration 2019 En 1

Chitwan Declaration

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