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How To Help

URSA recognises the strength of collaboration. We cannot implement the Action Plan alone – we need support.

Whether you are a global or regional NGO, national conservation organisation, government agency, inter-governmental organisation or an organisation that shares in URSA’s vision, there are a number of ways you can join and actively get involved in helping us to achieve our mission of improving the wellbeing of rangers globally. We have three levels of engagement – members, partners and supporters. All organisations, whatever your level of engagement, are required to sign the URSA Charter and commit to help URSA implement our Action Plan.

The founding member organisations have contributed to the initial start-up costs of URSA and there is limited funding available to support running costs. To enable URSA to continue to grow and achieve our long-term mission, we actively seek out further funding opportunities – please contact the URSA Programme manager if you wish to fund the implementation of the URSA Action Plan.

Whilst there are no direct financial costs to your organisation of becoming a Partner or Supporter, Members contribute a small annual fee to sustain the operations. Beining part of URSA does involve varying levels of commitment. There is also an expectation that your organisation will promote the work of URSA to potential funders and actively engage in fundraising opportunities. More funding will enable us to achieve the objectives set out in the URSA Action Plan.

This will depend on your organisation size, capacity and reach. There is a simple admissions criteria for each tier:

  • Full member: your organisation will have a global footprint and will be supporting rangers across multiple geographical regions. Members will also actively engage on at least one of the URSA working groups.
  • Partner: your organisation will have regional reach and influence. You will be able to help URSA leverage support at the national level. You’re likely to be involved with rangers across multiple national level sites. As a Partner you will be encouraged to participate in an URSA working group.
  • Supporter: your organisation will be actively involved in supporting Action Plan implementation at the national and local site level.

All applicants should be full or associate members of the International Ranger Federation.

The URSA programme manager will guide you through the admissions process and advise you on which tier is right for your organisation. They will help explain the prerequisite requirements. From initial enquiry to becoming either a URSA member, partner or supporter normally takes 2-6 weeks.

No, individuals can’t join URSA as a single Member, Partner or Supporter as these engagement tiers are only open for organisations that are established legal entities. However, if you’d like to actively support URSA as an individual, there are still many ways you can do this. Please contact our Programme Manager who will talk you through the different ways you can help.

URSA actively encourages all those who feel passionately about promoting and supporting the work of rangers to show their support by following and sharing our social media channels.

There are a number of potential benefits to your organisation in becoming involved with URSA. First and foremost, we want people to get involved because they believe in the URSA mission and want to help us achieve it. In supporting URSA your organisation will:

  • Be at the forefront of the global movement supporting and promoting the ranger profession
  • Align and connect with with other similar organisations
  • Create positive publicity – as an URSA member, partner and supporter, you will have permitted use of the URSA branding
  • Be part of a global alliance increasing your organisational reach and impact
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